About Us

Senango Limited, formerly Revo Limited, proud itself as a multi-disciplinary company that combines our skills and know-how to offer our services to various business sectors.

Founded in May 2004, our core business lies in the e-commerce store software development which we have help thousands of small and medium businesses to sell online. We have a diverse range of e-commerce products that suit anyone.

In September 2006, we launched the import and distribution business by helping eBay sellers and small businesses to import goods, in particular consumer electronics, from the USA, Far East and the Pacific. Today, we are involved in two successful retail businesses - The Paws Pet Supplies and Qachia High Performance Bikes.

In 2010, we began to offer engineering services including machine software developement, large and small project management and technology consultancy. 

What next? Well, we always work hard to continue improve and expand our services. If you are interested in any collaboration, do get in touch today!